Stream Netflix
Originals anytime
on any device.

Plan starts at ₱149/month.

What to watch on Netflix

We've rounded up the best TV shows on Netflix to binge on.

How to watch Netflix with your SKY subscription?

Go to the Video-On-Demand section of MySKY and click the "Know More" button on Netflix then subscribe.


Log on to your MySKY account. Make sure that your profile includes your SKY account number.


Click on "I Agree" and verify your e-mail address.


Once successfully verified, choose a Netflix plan and enjoy!

Download the mobile app:
Frequenly Asked Questions
Netflix is a streaming service that allows our customers to watch a wide variety of award-winning TV shows, movies, documentaries and more on thousands of Internet-connected devices. You may also visit for more info
You need to create a Kapamilya Account in order for you to have access to the different online services that you can avail via the SKY website (Example: View your account details, access your SOA, track payment history, online payment, etc.)
You can create your Kapamilya Account by clicking here. Once registered, you need to update your profile by adding your SKY account no. in the account details.
Your Netflix subscription will be charged to your SKY bill.
The number of devices that may be allowed to watch simultaneously will depend on your Netflix subscription plan. Below are available Netflix plans that you can choose
  • ₱149/month – up to 1 mobile screen (smart phone or tablet)
  • P369/month – up to 1 screen
  • P459/month – up to 2 screens, HD available
  • P549/month – up to 4 screens, Ultra HD available
You can watch content on Netflix instantly from any Internet-connected device that offers a Netflix app, such as a smartphone, tablet, gaming console, laptop or streaming media player and soon with SKY’s set-top box.
Yes, you can download episodes of your favorite shows as well as movies to watch without internet connection from Netflix mobile app.
Yes, you can change your Netflix plan anytime. You may go to your Netflix account settings and update your plan. Charge for the chosen plan will be updated on your SOA on the next billing period.
Cancellation of subscription should be made through Netflix. Just follow the steps below:
  • Step 1: Log in to your Netflix account
  • Step 2: Go to "Your Account"
  • Step 3: Select Cancel membership
  • Step 4 : Select "Complete Cancellation”
An email will be sent to confirm the cancellation of your subscription.
The e-mail where we sent the verification link may be either of the following: e-mail you used during the application of your SKY service or the e-mail you are using for your e-SOA, if you have applied for it. If you would like to update your e-mail address, please use the contact form here.
To prevent erroneous billing, we are using your SKY account’s registered e-mail address for the verification. This e-mail might be the one you have registered with us during the application of your SKY service or the one you are using for your e-SOA, if you have applied for it. If you would like to update this e-mail address, please use the contact form here.
Updating the e-mail address on your Kapamilya Account might take 24 hours to reflect on your SKY billing records. If after 24 hours, the verification e-mail is still being sent to another e-mail address, you might have another active e-mail address on our database that is connected to your SKY billing records. To update this, please use the contact form here and mention on the message part of the form that you will be updating your e-mail address with us. Our customer service team will be glad to assist you in updating your records.
We apologize for any difficulty you may have experienced while trying to subscribe to our video-on-demand service. We are currently in the process of enhancing the compatibility of our website with Safari. For the meantime, there are two available options to address this:

1. For Mac and iPhone users. Disable certain functions of your device (if existent and enabled)
  1. Disable “Ghostery” function on your device. (Ghostery blocks third-party tracking scripts) Open the Settings app > Open the settings for Safari > In the menu, click Content Blockers > Slide the button left to disable Ghostery
  2. Disable “Prevent Cross-site Tracking” function on your device. Open the Settings app > Open the settings for Safari > Look for Prevent Cross-site Tracking > toggle to disable

2. Use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser when subscribing to our video-on-demand service